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Sexual harassment new york ny

A dependable and reliable firm is what I searched for and found it with the Filosa Law Firm.

I believe the greatest involvement between a client and his or her attorney is when you have an attorney that is a good listener and examines the specifics of your case in order to make sure you have a total, fully covered complaint with nothing left out.

In my case of wrongful termination and is federal litigation against my employer, there cannot be anything short of showing and proving the law was broken. I can expect the employer, the US Postal Service attorneys will drag their feet, especially when realizing the seriousness of the charge. FMLA Interference that shows federal law was broken and has become more popular over the years with other companies including the postal service violating this act. I have searched and talked to dozens of attorneys in NYC about this but needed a champion approach to my case because of how strong my situation has erupted to and I found that kind of character in Greg Filosa.

I learned in my search of an attorney we had to be on the exact same level of handling my case or there would be a greater chance of not getting correct justice. Some or a little justice is not what I seek. Total and absolute justice is the way out for me. This approach I found in the Filosa Law Firm.

Can I expect my case to go to further or in directions then I have never expected? Yes, but I am more comfortable with the attorney I have if and when that happens. Will I recommend this firm in federal litigation? Absolutely....

Reliable and professional in character, along with dependable service from your attorney is what we all need and have to entrust with our choice to represent us in the courts, especially federal courts. I had to choose wisely not only for myself but for my family. I chose Greg Filosa Law Firm.


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I was wrongfully terminated from my place of employment. I called every employment/labor law firm I found on googled. I was exhausted and thought I would never receive justice or compensation for what I went through. Just when I was on the brink of giving up, a law firm I called referred me to Mr. Filosa. Gregory made it his DUTY to help me through the way. He was patient, diligent, determined, and he fought for my rights- when no one else wanted to. He believed in me when no one else did. It is my HONOR to recommend Gregory to represent anyone who was wrongfully terminated or experienced any injustice from their employer. Greg, from the bottom of my heart- THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


I am very pleased Mr. Filosa consulted with me. He was prompt, knowledgeable, and courteous. After listening to the facts I presented he assured me I had a discrimination case. The information he gave was extremely helpful. He offered several options, as far as, hiring a local lawyer, going through the EEOC or the Human Rights Division. In hiring a local lawyer he gave advise of questions to ask, fees, etc. If I lived in New York City I would hire him to represent me. Excellent attorney.


I am very grateful for all of Mr. Filosa's help. He is knowledgable and to the point. He is very positive and honest. He constantly kept me updated and was always helpful with anything needed. He is organized and definitely reliable.


His impeccable professional follow up, knowledge of the law, ability to negotiate while providing proper guidance during a difficult time was very comforting and uplifting. While I have worked with numerous legal persons in the past both business and personal Gregory Filosa was undoubtedly the best. He is a "true" asset to the legal profession.


Greg was absolutely fantastic in representing me regarding my employment discrimination matter. His knowledge of the relevant law far surpassed my expectations and his experience in negotiations got me a settlement offer I didn't think was possible. If you're looking for a lawyer who will explain you complex law in an easily understandable manner and fight for you, look no further.


Gregory Filosa is a great lawyer and he's helped me through a lot! I highly recommend him and the Filosa firm!!


Amazing law firm!! I was represented by Filosa Graff LLP in a matter of wrongful termination and they came through exceptionally and swiftly with my settlement.

Ari was my go to person... he is very attentive and a great listener. We had plenty hours of conversations and the best thing is I never stepped foot in their office (I was 7 months heavily pregnant). We worked via fax, emails and telephonically. My case was settled within 3 months of starting the process!!

Ari's calm demeanor and professionalism literally helped me get over this stressful period in my life. He was always a phone call away day or evening.

If you want a firm where you are treated as an individual with respect and not just as another case... I suggest Filosa Graff LLP!!

Gregg and Ari are knowledgeable and respectable attorneys in their respective fields. I was so happy with their services, I would definitely referred them to my family and friends.

Thank you for believing and fighting for me ...

Stephanie J

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